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As casual as it is stylish, this Italian bistro serves creative and seasonal dishes with a modern California flare. The menu features Northern Italian food such as fettuccini, tortellini, steak pastas, and chicken pastas. Friendly wait staff and attentive service. 


Shrimp Bisque , Ahi tuna, pan seared and served over red quinoa and Korean dipping sauce $22.00,  Almond and panko crusted Red snapper topped with a balsamic glaze and over pasta and veggies $29.00, Seafood canneloni with shrimp, scallops, and lobster over spianch and topped with  a lobster newberg sauce and Parmesan cheese and baked $19.00. cappuccino frozen tort, and Loblolly  blueberry lemonade sorbet. Wonderful beverages.

 Spring/ summer salad , Entree salad with  mixture of field greens and mixed greens , chow mien noodles, cranberries, mandarin oranges, kiwi fruit, seasoned pecans, sweet and sour dressing and topped with feta cheese  and topped with your choice of beef tenderloin @$37.00, Pistachio crusted salmon @$26..00, 5- spiced Chinese shrimp F- @$24.00, 1/2- @$12.00 or Latin chicken F- $23.00 or 1/2- @11.50, no meat  F- $12.00 or 1/2- $7.00





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Contact Information

7811 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock,AR 72227
(501) 224-9079
Patrick Dayer David Jones