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As casual as it is stylish, this Italian bistro serves creative and seasonal dishes with a modern California flare. The menu features Northern Italian food such as fettuccini, tortellini, steak pastas, and chicken pastas. Friendly wait staff and attentive service. 


  Chilled cucumber and walnut soup, Filet of yellowfin tuna pan seared and topped with a portabella mushroom and a white wine sauce over quinoa / brown rice mixture @$24.00, Meat filled Canneloni( beef and Pork)on a bed of spinach and mushrooms and topped with a red/ white sauce and feta cheese and baked @$15.00. Fresh Red Snapper pan sauteed and topped with a pineapple /mango salsa over orzo pasta $27.00

Spring/ summer salads with mixed greens, field greens, chow mien noodles, cranberries mandarin oranges, kiwi fruit, seasoned pecans with a sweet and sour  dressing  and topped with your choice of beef tenderloin @$34.00, Pistachio crusted salmon @$24..00, 5- spiced Chinese shrimp F- @$24.00, 1/2- @$12.00 or Latin chicken F- $21.0.00 or 1/2- @11.00, no meat  F- $12.00 or 1/2- $7.00





Menu Items

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Contact Information

7811 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock,AR 72227
(501) 224-9079
Patrick Dayer David Jones